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Nothing fun ever happens…

Wrong! 12 hours of hanging out with people on the other side of the country that I don’t even know.

Rosanna Pansino is running for King of The Web, here, this leads to the need for promotion.  In addition to traditional tweeting and plugging it on Youtube, steps are taken buy Husky to live stream, here. What happens is a house full of craziness making thousands of people laugh their collective asses off, well not positive of that, but there were about 12k viewers at one point and I know I was laughing my ass of for most of the time.

In a time of self greed and most looking to make a quick buck, I applaud the effort of them donating the winnings to charity. Ro will be donating her winnings to Habitat for Humanity, Husky donated his to a charity and Dodger donated hers to charity.  I know there a few others that have, but not sure who they are.

I personally had a blast watching all of you entertain us, some screenshots to follow, thank you to everyone who showed up on the stream for ‘the party’.  More of this needs to happen!

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